Five Stunning Cloche Shaped Table Lamps

The word ‘cloche’ might make you think of a 1920s-inspired piece of headwear, or a useful piece of glass used to protect plants. It’s the distinctive shape we’re focussing on today, though – more specifically, how designers have used it to produce really stylish pieces of lighting. Join us as we present our five favourite cloche-shaped table lamps, each of them currently available from respected online retailers.

Blythe Mercury Cloche Table Lamp

Blythe Mercury Cloche Table Lamp – £89, M&S

We start with M&S’s cloche-shaped table light will fit in well with any style of interior decor, and is made from mercury (otherwise known as silvered) glass: that is, glass blown to form a double wall, which then has had silvering applied within the layers. In this case, the silvering has been applied in a sort of mottled or marbled pattern, which enables the light to emerge atmospherically from the gaps. The lamp sits on a whitewashed wooden base.Harper Glass Cloche Table Lamp

Harper Glass Cloche Table Lamp – £45, Matalan

The simple design of Matalan’s cloche table lamp has an almost industrial edge. Its curved shade is made from clear glass and sits atop a shiny chrome base unit to which a simple bulb-holding chrome fitting has been applied. At 23cm high and 14cm wide, this minimalistic piece of lighting packs a lot of design punch for its diminutive size and will fit in well with your home no matter what its style.

Silver Cloche Lamp with LED Fairy Lights by 5th Avenue Trend

Silver Cloche Lamp with LED Fairy Lights – £23.99, 5th Avenue Trend

5th Avenue Trend’s cloche lamp consists of a domed lid on top of a metal base, inside which you’ll find a string of white LED fairy lights. Suitable for indoor use only, this charming piece is operated by three AAA batteries and will add a lovely atmospheric feel to your room, especially as the nights draw in and winter approaches. It’s 27cm high and 11cm wide so it wont be too obtrusive as it does so!V&A and John Lewis Paxton Cloche Table Lamp

Paxton Cloche Table Lamp – £135, V&A and John Lewis

If you like your home accessories to have a bit of history and design pedigree attached to them, this Paxton cloche table lamp from John Lewis might be of interest to you. Inspired by the Victoria and Albert Museum, this stunning lamp is named after Sir Joseph Paxton, who designed the Crystal Palace in 1851 – and it draws many of its design details from that structure. Its mirrored smoked glass dome sits on top of a wooden base.

Stylish Glass Cloche 37cm Table Lamp Base by First Choice Lighting

Stylish Glass Cloche Table Lamp Base – £21.99, First Choice Lighting

Our final choice is something slightly different – the light emitting part of this cloche table lamp base is above the dome, rather than within it! What’s really special about this piece, though, is that the glass dome actually lifts from its polished chrome base, meaning you can display things within it – such as dried flowers, photo frames or even books – the choice is yours! Finish this one off with your favourite lampshade.

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