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Light up Your Life: Indoor Lanterns

Electric lighting is all very well, but rarely can it create the same sort of atmosphere as a simple candle in a lantern. Lanterns have also become popular as people go for more rustic home decor schemes, or in bathrooms where nautical is a popular look. Bearing that in mind, we’ve had a stroll around our favourite online shops and come up with our five favourite indoor lanterns.

Large Fusion Bamboo Globe Lantern

Large Bamboo Globe Lantern – £40 (was £80), Fusion

Looking for a large statement piece for your indoor or outdoor entertainment space? This bamboo lantern could be just the thing for you – its 54cm-high frame will provide your room with a great focal point and, when lit, will emit a warm and soft glow. This giant piece is currently available at half its original price but is selling out fast, so act quickly if you want to get your hands on this one.

2 Piece Lighthouse Lantern Set by Home Etc

Two-piece Lighthouse Lantern Set – £51.99 (was £54.61), Home Etc

Two for the price of one, this time – this sturdy pair of lighthouse lanterns is made from iron, given a lacquered grey finish. Both pieces are quite sizeable – the larger lighthouse is 54cm high and its more diminutive sidekick is 36cm high – and candles can be inserted at the base and the middle ‘viewing’ area as well as in the more traditional top section. They can be displayed either freestanding or hung from the hooks.

Linea Medium Metal Lantern

Medium Metal Lantern – £40, Linea

Exclusively designed for House of Fraser, this decorative lantern is a simple, quality piece that will elevate any interior design scheme thanks to its sleek lines. A shapely glass midsection, in the shape of an inverted bulb, sits on top of a chrome base. On top rests a matching chrome lid, attached to which you’ll find a leather looped handle, meaning that this 34cm-high piece can be hung as well as positioned as a freestanding piece.

ELVA metal lantern in black

Black Elva Metal Lantern – £57.49, Maisons du Monde

A slight departure from the nautical feel of many of our other choices, this Elva metal lantern  has a squared structure with horizontal openwork along its sides and is finished in black, though a white version is also available. Inside, you’ll find a candle-holding glass container. An impressive 61cm high, this lantern can be used both indoors or outside and it has a handle at the top that means you can transport it with ease.

Wilko Rope Lantern

Glass and Rope Lantern – £10, Wilko

We end with a real bargain – every bit as functional and aesthetically pleasing as many more expensive versions, this rustic lantern from Wilko comprises a large glass base encircled by rope. Around the neck of the lantern, the pins of a thick chrome band are attached to a thicker piece of rope that mean you can hang the lantern if you choose. Perfect for brightening up a bathroom, this simple piece can be yours for just a tenner!

Five of the Best: Cat Beds

Our feline friends are notoriously fickle and unpredictable, and so your guess as to whether they’ll love these cat beds as much as we do is as good as ours. However, we do know that they’ll enhance your living quarters, which can’t be said of so much pet gear. Here are our five favourites from the current crop of cat beds.

Rosewood Jolly Moggy Bamboo Cat Pod
Jolly Moggy Bamboo Cat Pod – £39.99, Rosewood

You know a cat bed is good when you wish it was a bit larger so you could swap with with your own! That definitely applies to this Jolly Moggy bamboo cat pod by Rosewood, which combines a comfortable but confined (in the style of your cat’s favourite box!) space – with a hole in it so that your pet can pounce on whatever prey might be passing by. Crafted from bamboo and eco-fibre (which forms a scratching pad), it’s finished off with a catnip dangling toy.

House of Paws Artic Fox Hooded Cat Bed

Arctic Fox Hooded Cat Bed – £32.99, House of Paws

The perfect place to snuggle, this House of Paws arctic fox hooded cat bed will make your pet feel secure and warm. It has an interior fashioned from thick faux fur and an exterior formed from quality brown faux suede. With a removable inner cushion and a water-resistant non-slip base, it’s every bit as pratical as it is comfortable. The bed is 37cm high, wit a 35cm width and 37cm depth.

97cm Barrel Cat Tree by Pawhut

97cm Barrel Cat Tree – £60.99 (was £76.79), Pawhut

We’re not quite the right dimensions to try this one out so we can’t tell you if it’s as much fun as it looks, but cats certainly think so! The Pawhut 97cm Barrel Cat Tree is a particle board cylinder covered in plush cloth, designed to stand upright. It has four holes for your cat to play through, and, importantly sleep in (or on – the top has a soft deck especially for this purpose! An additional hanging toy will keep your cat entertained.

Danish Design Grey Cat Pebble

Grey Cat Pebble – £24.99, Danish Design

Very much in the ‘not ruining your interior decor’ category, this Danish Design grey cat pebble is almost unrecognisable as a cat bed, which has got to be a good thing. The pebble has a felt effect finish and is lined with luxurious soft faux fur. A generous 56cm wide, it’s 43 cm high (30cm deep) and so there’s plenty of place for your pet (or maybe even pets, depending on their size) to relax in this stylish bolt hole.

Rosewood Animal Print Sofa Bed
Animal Print Sofa Bed – £29.99, Rosewood

The ultimate in cat comfort, this animal print cat bed is the perfect place for your pet to relax in sumptuous style. From here, even the tiniest kitten can cast its imperial gaze across the living room and condescendingly regard its surroundings. Another fairly large bed, this machine-washable 51cm by 46cm bed can comfortable accommodate another cat and is also suitable for small dogs.