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Five of the Best: Christmas Tree Toppers

If your traditional tree-topper is looking a bit worse for wear, then why not replace it this year with a spangly new one? We’re no longer restricted to simple stars or angels, but they remain – overwhelmingly – the most popular designs. Here are our five favourite Christmas tree toppers, each of them certain to brighten up your festive centrepiece – and all available from an online retailer near you.

John Lewis Tales of the Maharaja Pinnacle Tree Topper in Red

Tales of the Maharaja Pinnacle Tree Topper in Red – £15, John Lewis

We start off with something slightly different – part of a rich range inspired by classical Indian dance (we’re especially fond of the lion and leopard’s heads baubles!), the John Lewis Tales of the Maharaja Christmas tree topper is made from glass with a shiny red finish and has been finished with an ornate glittering gold pattern and a generous amount of diamantes. It’s 33cm high and 8cm in diameter.

Linea Light Up Wooden Tree Topper

Light Up Wooden Tree Topper – £20, Linea

An unusual design, now, that manages to be both rustic and sparkling: ,Linea’s Christmas tree star is made from thin and randomly-sized strips of wood shaped into a three-dimensional star shape. The design has been painted with silver glitter detailing and is affixed to a spring-like wire base that will grip to your tree without fuss. Its soft LED lights add to the magic and are powered by two AA batteries.

Gisela Graham Glitter Fairy Tree Topper

Glitter Fairy Tree Topper – £14.99, Gisela Graham

Already a bestseller, the fairy tree topper from Gisela Graham will add traditional charm to your tree. This beautiful angel is 28cm high and wears a shimmering white dress with a full skirt and a frost-like finish that perfectly matches her glistening wings…and she carries a snowflake-shaped wand in her left hand. She’s made from resin and will add a real touch of magic to your Christmas decor.

Swarovski Christmas Tree Topper Figurine

Christmas Tree Topper Figurine – £99, Swarovski

If only the best will do then you might want to check out this rather astonishing Christmas tree topper from Swarovski, no less! The tapered, curvy, conical-type design is made from clear crystal glass and has been decorated with smaller, glittering crystals at its widest points. At over 27cm high, it’s 7.3cm in diameter and is a real statement – though at just short of a hundred quid, it doesn’t come cheap!

M&S Jewel Snowflake Tree Topper

Jewel Snowflake Tree Topper – £12.50, M&S

We finish with a simple design that’s as stylish and timeless as you’d expect from the High Street favourite: M&S’s jewel Christmas tree topper, which is a boutique-style piece formed in the shape of a snowflake. At a petite 8.5cm high and 6cm wide, it is made from a gold-toned metal studded with plastic gems and will happily sit atop your tree for very many Christmases to come!

Five of the Best: Glass Ornaments

There’s no need to limit glassware to the kitchen – glass ornaments can add a real touch of style to your mantelpiece or at the centre of a table. They also reflect the light, adding atmosphere and sparkle to your home. We’ve sought out our five favourite currently-available glass ornaments for your perusal:

Basil Bird Cherry White Glass Ornament in Teal – £23, Svaja

Svaja has become a huge name in glass sculpture and it’s not hard to see why – the petite (6cm high and 11cm wide) Basil Bird has been handmade by Lithuanian glass artists in Lithuania and it features a striking colour combination of teal, turquoise and red. It’s also available in other hues, such as blue and green or amber and cherry red, if you love the shape but would like the sculpture in different shades.

Giftology Seahorse Collectable by Waterford

Giftology Seahorse Collectable – £70, Waterford

It’s such a fascinating creature (famously, the male of the species incubates the female’s eggs and gives birth) and striking too – so we’re surprised that the seahorse isn’t captured in sculptural form more often. Luckily, Waterford are here to put the situation right with their crystal seahorse ornament which is 18.4cm high and comes in a beautiful cylindrical gift box – the perfect present for someone special.

Pomme Blue Smoked Glass Statuette by Maisons du Monde

Pomme Blue Smoked Glass Statuette – £7.15, Maisons du Monde

Why not tell someone they’re the apple of your eye and give them the gift of this lovely, minimalistic Pomme Blue statuette from Maisons du Monde? The diminutive apple-shaped piece is 16cm high and 15cm wide and is transparent but made from smoked glass with a blue tinge to it. The perfect piece to liven up any living area and provide decoration without being overtly fussy.

Reef Blown Glass Fish Figurine by Now's Home

Reef Blown Glass Fish Figurine – £162.99, Now’s Home

10cm high and an impressive 42cm wide (as well as 24cm across), this blown glass dolphin or fish figurine from Now’s Home stands on a sturdy rectangular base, making it easy to display anywhere in your home. This pleasingly heavy (over 4kg) piece is shot through with a blue tinge and stronger black lines at the sides and will bring a welcome and tasteful touch of marine life into your home’s interior.

Swarovski Alice in Wonderland Figurine

Alice in Wonderland Figurine – £119, Swavrovski

Perfect for a child’s bedroom (though maybe lock it in a display cabinet for safety!) this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland figurine by Swarovski is inspired by the lead character in Disney’s famous film (which of course was itself inspired by our own Lewis Carroll’s classic book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This charming figurine is made from transparent crystal, apart from her famous dress which is a cobalt blue colour.