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Five of the Best: Spice Jar Sets

Move away from the salt and pepper! A bewildering array of spices are available to the consumer nowadays – but this is matched by the wide variety of storage options for them. We’ve come a long way from the days when a faintly rustic-looking wooden rack would house a set of out-of-date stale spices…here, we celebrate by offering our five favourite currently-available spice jar sets.

Cole & Mason Hudson 20 Jar Filled Spice Carousel

Hudson 20-jar Filled Spice Carousel – £65, Cole & Mason

Ah…whether it’s a lazy Susan or an movable utensil set, we do love a rotating piece of kitchenware – so this spice carousel from Cole & Mason makes us very happy. The glass jars are 70ml in size and have polished caps that twist in order that you can precisely shake, pour or seal their contents. The caps are labelled so you can avoid any of those embarrassing cooking errors and there’s a central handle so you can transport the carousel easily.

13 Piece Herb Rack Set by PureDay

13-piece Herb Rack Set – £31.99, PureDay

A sleek and contemporary replacement to the wooden spice racks of yore that we talked of earlier, this set consists of twelve glass herb (or spice) jars, each of which have metal lids that are easy to label. The jars slot neatly into the circular cut-outs in their stainless steel frame, which will fit neatly onto any kitchen wall – this set is a great way to store your herbs and spices if space is at a premium.

Premier Housewares Vintage Home Set of 6 Spice Jars

Vintage Home Set of Six Spice Jars – £16.99, Premier Housewares

Add a bit of shabby chic style to your kitchen with this traditional-looking set of spice jars from Premier Housewares. The cream-coloured ceramic jars are each 10cm high (6cm wide) and are printed to indicate their contents. On reflection, maybe this set is more suitable for the less adventurous (or rather, unpretentious!) chefs amongst us: paprika, basil, oregano, mixed herbs, mixed spices and paprika options are offered.

KILNER 20 Piece Spice Jar Gift Set

20-piece Spice Jar Gift Set – £14.99, Kilner

Since making and preserving – whether it’s herbs, jam or gin – has come back in a big way, jar-creating giant Kilner has been busying itself with providing new ways to store our creations. If you’ve got a friend who likes to ‘reward’ you with their latest concoctions, this 20-piece spice jar set, this could be the perfect gift for them: it contains a wooden crate, six clip-top spice jars, 12 labels and a recipe booklet.

Wilko Spice Rack Set 6 Piece

Six-piece Spice Rack Set – £6, Wilko

Wilko have come up trumps again with an unpretentious but elegant solution at an amazing price. Their stainless steel spice storage rack encloses a sext of six glass jars, each of which has two-part, chrome effect screw top lids that enable you to sprinkle, pour or seal your herbs and spices. At just six pounds, you’ll be able to buy one or two and expand your culinary repertoire with a wider range of herbs and spices!