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Five Modern Pendulum Clocks

We know…you’ve been using your phone to keep time with. Somehow, though – it’s not quite the same as a grand statement clock, certainly not if you fancy a bit of striking wall furniture. For that reason, we’ve had a look around our favourite online retailers to find these, our five favourite currently-available modern pendulum clocks.

Bard Copper Pendulum Clock – £39, Made.com

In super-trendy copper, Made.com’s Bard is a statement pendulum clock – a generous 41cm high (and 21cm wide) – which can be mounted on your wall or displayed as a freestanding piece. Its shiny, number-free copper face is appended by simple black hands and a minimalistic copper pendulum suspends from it. A curved frame surrounds the timeless but contemporary piece, giving it a nice retro feel.

Jazz 34cm Wall Clock by Nomon

Jazz Wall Clock – £329.99 (was £419.99), Nomon

The Jazz wall clock is made from sustainably-forested natural alder wood that’s been treated using handcrafting processes. Two silvertone hands – in the style of double prongs – sit at the centre of its circular face, and a stick-like pendulum moves beneath it in a quiet and relaxing fashion. This fine battery-powered timepiece is currently available with £90 off its original price, so there’s never been a better time to invest in this quality clock.

London Clock Company Glass Pendulum Wall Clock

Glass Pendulum Wall Clock – £80, London Clock Company

If you’re furnishing a modern interior, you could do worse than consider the London Clock Company’s wall clock, which has a marker dial in brushed chrome on its long glass body and is supported at the back by chrome brackets that span its length. Slim, quiet and super-stylish, the 63cm-high (and 21.5cm wide) timepiece has a long, rod-like pendulum and is powered by a solitary AA battery.

Acctim Bromsgrove Pendulum Clock in Oak
Bromsgrove Pendulum Clock in Oak – £59, Acctim

A perfect combination of traditional materials and modern design, Acctim’s Bromsgrove clock has a quartz movement and is powered by a single AA battery. Its white face, with black hands, is bordered by a spun metal bezel and sits on an asymmetrical oak and mirrored backdrop. A simple stick-like pendulum beats time beneath the face of this 18.5cm-high timepiece.

Miu Yellow Patterned Cuckoo Wall Clock

Yellow Patterned Cuckoo Wall Clock – £30, Miu

Exclusive to Habitat, Miu’s pendulum wall clock takes a simple shape and decorates it with a colourful yellow and grey vintage pattern. The long pendulum of the quirky 49.5cm-high timepiece is decorated in a monochrome checked pattern and the hands are an acid orange. In a circular cut-out at the top, you’ll find a perching (albeit stationary) red cuckoo. Perfect to add a bit of character to even the most staid backdrop!